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VAGA PARA: Local Consultancy In Irrigation – Manica

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1. Context

A 10M€ envelope from the Belgian bilateral cooperation is available to add an extra specific component to an existing development project called RERD 2 “RENEWABLE ENERGY FOR RURAL DEVELOPMENT PHASE 2” implemented by Enabel, the Belgian development agency, in Mozambique. This envelope will complement existing investments and capacity building activities in support of the FUNAE (Fundo de Energia), the National Energy Fund and will focus on renewable energy and productive use of energy linked to water for irrigation purposes. The implementation period will be 2020-2023. The initial geographical focus is on two provinces: Manica (where a technical study is already available) and Zambézia (a similar technical study will be commissioned by the end of 2020). This consultancy will focus specifically on Manica Province.

Key elements of this additional project are described in a note prepared by the Enabel RR in Maputo, validated by the diplomatic office and called “Fiche information: Proposition de financement additionnel au projet RERD2 -MOZ1503411” dd May 2020”.

A team comprising of Enabel experts from Brussels and Maputo is in charge of formulating this addendum to the TFF. In order to collect and refresh information related to the specific context of intervention in Zambézia province, Enabel is looking for the services of one or two locally based consultants. He/she/they will focus on the recent evolutions in terms of institutional framework, at central, provincial and district level (actors and mandates, relationships, SWOT,) map Belgium and other donors (WB, BAD, DGID, JICA, EU, USAID, …) activities in the energy and agricultural sector, collect and summarize recent lessons learned in the irrigated agriculture sector in Mozambique and make relevant recommendations for the formulation exercise.

2. Assignment

The consultant(s) will be in charge of collecting and summarizing the following information:

(i) Institutional framework at national, provincial and district level:

Describe the main institutional actors and their role in the irrigation, agriculture and agricultural extension services domains. Identify and synthetize the recent evolutions in terms of decentralization in Mozambique influencing the relationships between the relevant stakeholders at the different levels.

This section should propose option(s) for an appropriate anchorage and setup of the project within local institutions (at national, provincial and district level).

(ii) Irrigated agriculture context in Manica provinces:

a. Farm and farmer’s typology: describe main agroecological zones and categories of farmers (from small family farmers to large scale farmers and cooperatives) including farm size (ha), farmer profile, main types of crops and irrigated crops, share of irrigated crops and water resources constraints…;

b. Existing irrigation systems: describe existing / available irrigation systems (include solar powered systems and include abandoned irrigation systems if any), irrigation management models (individual or collective, private or public, ..), current available financing mechanisms for small/large investments in irrigation (including public and private schemes);

This section should help to identify the profile of the targeted beneficiaries (small individual farmers, private agro-entrepreneurs, cooperatives, etc. ) and their specific needs in terms of irrigation. For each category of actors, it should give information on : (i) the type of irrigation systems used, (ii) main opportunities and constraints to irrigated agriculture, (iii) investment capacity and willingness to access / to pay for solar powered irrigation systems, (iv) existence of technical and management skills to use and maintain the equipment, etc.
  • (iii) Main actors in Manica province:
Mapping of actors and stakeholders active in the following sectors:
  1. (1) irrigated agriculture (donors/ NGOs /private companies/research centres, training centres, etc), and /or
  2. (2) solar powered irrigation systems (donors/ NGOs /private companies/research centres, training centres, etc).
  3. (3) financial services and institutions (banks, micro-finance, funds)
For each actor, collect information on its intervention zone, budget, implementation modalities, targeted beneficiaries (small individual farmers, private agro-entrepreneurs, cooperatives, etc.), partners and lessons learned with regard to irrigated agriculture.

This section should emphasize potential synergies with similar projects and potential implementation partners for future activities.
  • (iv) Main challenges of irrigated agriculture schemes in Mozambique today and tomorrow:
  • Synthesize lessons learnt from previous experiences (for instance: crop diversification, market access (information and transportation), access to finance, collective management, technical skills, operation & maintenance, etc.)
  • (v) Main risks and key factors to take into account while implementing this type of project:

3. Deliverables

A synthetic 5 pager per province highlighting the current status of (solar powered) irrigated agriculture and its potential development, potential target beneficiaries, potential financing schemes for solar powered irrigated agriculture and potential synergies and collaboration (NGOs, others actors, …)

A 10 pages maximum of institutional framework and mapping of other actors and stakeholders (including synthetic schematic representations at different levels).
As annexes, a summary of key points from all interviews and meetings, a list of potential criteria for selecting sites and beneficiaries and a list of reference documents.

4. Timeframe

The assignment is expected to begin in August and be completed within a period of 15 days of assignment over 3 consecutive weeks from the date of award. It should be completed no later than the 4th of September 2020.

The expert will keep Enabel informed on progress and findings via:

  • Initial briefings and preparation of the assignment schedule (Kick-off visioconference);
  • Orientations checked at mid-point as minimal requirement;
  • Debriefing as per agreed schedule

5. Profiles

Qualification and experience:

  • A qualified expert with solid institutional and technical background in irrigation, agricultural water management and social engineering;
  • At least 10 years’ of professional experience in the field of irrigation development in Mozambique;
  • Proven track record of successful implementation of irrigation systems and agricultural water management projects including social engineering and community management;
  • Relevant work experience in Zambézia required;

Other requirements:

  • Knowledge of the Mozambican institutional framework in energy, irrigation and agriculture sectors (at national, provincial and district level);
  • Access to relevant stakeholders;
  • Experience with writing of reports and assessments;
  • Fluency in English (the expert is expected to report in English)

6. Submission of Offers

Interested consultants that meet the minimum requirements and necessary experience are invited to submit a technical and financial proposal (in pdf version) to tendersmoz@enabel.be with the subject title “Local Consultancy for Irrigation Sector in Manica Province”.

The deadline to submit offers is the 17th of August 2020 by 14h (local Mozambican time).

Expiration date:August 17, 2020
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