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Director of Support and Logistic Department

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Descrição da Vaga

Solidar Suisse is recruiting a Director of Support and Logistic Department to be based on Chimoio.

Aim and Objectives of the function:

  • Director of Support and Logistic Dep: is leading the Department;
  • She /He is responsible for all processes and coordination related to the procurement and logistics of Solidar Suisse in Mozambique;
  • He / She is also responsible for the administration of the office related support services such as the office and other rented properties, the fleet management, the IT and the asset management.

Tasks, Responsibilities and Competencies:

  • The Director is responsible for those tasks delegated by the Country Coordinator to him / her in the administration.

Key tasks:

  • Leads the Support and Logistic Department;
  • Leads the staff of the Department. This includes recruitment, support and follow up of the staff. Each recruitment process will be prepared with the Country Coordinator;
  • Assures and supervises all procurement processes for Solidar Suisse in Mozambique according the internal regulations and national standards. He/she is responsible for the procurement process management, coordination with all stakeholders and finally the contracting in coordination with the HR and Finance Department;
  • Supervises and guides all logistic related activities for the office and the activities of Solidar Suisse. Supervises the inventory of the assets and the stocks available in the office and sub-offices;
  • Organizes the fleet management, supervises the drivers and transport services and assures all procedures being in place and followed (fuel, maintenance, security, planning and cost control);
  • Assures the functioning of the IT and communication equipment for all staff of the office and sub-offices. This includes the planning of IT and communication assets and systems (replacements and updates);
  • Assures the functioning and maintenance of the office, sub-offices and guest houses and other rented or own properties (security, equipment, electricity, water, cleaning etc.).

Thematic and conceptual tasks:

  • Collaborates in the definition and establishing of annual budgets and multi-year planning;
  • Defines proposals according different development scenarios for organizing the different sectors (office resp. sub-offices, vehicles, IT, communication, assets and stocks).

Coordination tasks within the Solidar office:

  • Participates actively in the Solidar Office Management meeting;
  • Assures efficient and continuous coordination with the Finance and HR department assuring following processes: annual planning, project planning, control of expenses, ICS, monthly reporting, annual reporting and closing, audits, HR recruitments, HR follow up;
  • Assures efficient and continuous coordination with the Programme department for all what concerns procurement, logistics, communication systems, cars and transport, IT equipment for the project activities;
  • Is working closely with the Security officer participating in the Risk management, safety and security rules (local security plan).

Special tasks according to instructions:

  • Takes on special tasks (e.g. focus person) according to the instructions of Country Coordinator or HQ;
  • In the event of a major and extraordinary disaster in Mozambique or region, the job holder can be instructed to use his / her temporarily suspend regular work in accordance with the specifications and assigned by the Country Coordinator. The job holder will be part of the Solidar Crisis Management;
  • Performs instructed tasks. The length of time for use in the Disaster or Emergency relief and subordination during this time will be determined ad hoc.

Financial responsibilities:

  • He/She is the budget holder within the Solidar Office for the expenses related to the office, sub-Offices, equipment (IT and communication), vehicles, transport, office related assets and stocks;
  • Prepares annual budget, makes financial planning and contracts as well as prepares data collections for projections and medium-term planning at department level;
  • Controls expenditures versus the budget. Define comparisons corrective measures if requested;
  • Supports other Departments in writing interim and final reports (internal and external reporting);
  • Is responsible for the appropriate support of the Solidar sub-offices;
  • Controls the implementation and support of audits.


The job holder has the authority:

  • The job holder has the authority to commit funds and sign contracts according the rules of financial competences in place for Mozambique;
  • To enter into financial commitments and to sign documents within the given financial competences;
  • To represent the Solidar externally within the scope of the area of responsibility.


  • University or equivalent degree preferably in (but not restricted to) logistics, purchasing, supply chain management, transportation or other relevant field;
  • Solid knowledge of all logistics operations;
  • Ability to coordinate the process of purchasing goods, equipment and services needed to carry out the actions of the projects, in accordance with the required procedures;
  • Good knowledge of the local market for goods, services, and contracting (mandatory);
  • Minimum 5 years of experience in logistics area in humanitarian assistance in Mozambique;
  • Solid knowledge of IT, Microsoft office packages (Excel, Word,..);
  • Perfect written and spoken Portuguese and English (min. English proficiency level B2).

How to Apply?

Interested candidates are requested to submit their applications with 3 references with the title “Director Support and Logistic Department” to the email address: recruitment@solidarmoz.org or to the Solidar Suisse office, located in the city of Chimoio, Rua da Zambia 524, Bairro 2-Chimoio.

DATA LITE DE CANDIDATURA: 11 de Julho de 2021.

Indique a fonte da vaga na sua candidature.

PS: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and advance to the next stage of the selection process.

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